By Rhea Keith
CCC Journalism Program

While juggling working part-time, a social life, and going to nursing school is stressful and time consuming; choosing the right place to go to nursing school could is crucial.

Shelley Efymow is a student in the Our Lady of Lourdes nursing program at Camden County College to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Although there are three other nursing programs at CCC, including, the Rutgers University Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, LPN program, and pre-nursing option as a transfer program, Efymow chose the Lourdes program.

“I chose the Our Lady of Lourdes program because after completely the program, I can automatically be employed at Lourdes,” Efymow said, “Also, it is a quicker opportunity to get into this program rather than wait to get into another program.”

Since the class size is smaller in the Lourdes program, students have a better connection to and more effective learning from the teachers. It allows for one-on-one instructor.

The Lourdes program offers the “Finish in Four” program, which allows the LPN students to finish in four semesters. While students are required to attend class, they also have to complete clinical each semester. The students obtain first-hand experience in a sub acute rehabilitation, mental health, and assisted living.

“It is exciting to watch Shelley take her knowledge from the classroom and apply it in clinical,” Efymow’s teacher, Louis Brady said.

Although nursing school is not meant to be easy, choosing the right program makes a big difference.

“I am happy and satisfied I chose the Lourdes program, I am continuously expanding my knowledge and even creating friendship with my classmates,” Efymow said.

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