By Kelsea Woodley
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College hosted its annual Spring Fling on April 29. Sunshine and a high of 80 degrees provided ideal weather for students to come out and enjoy themselves at the event, which took place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Wilson Courtyard.

Students Reet Taylor and Kristian Juarez compete in Super Smash Brothers at the annual Spring Fling. By Kelsea Woodley, CCC Journalism Program

Students Reet Taylor and Kristian Juarez compete in Super Smash Brothers at the annual Spring Fling. By Kelsea Woodley, CCC Journalism Program

The Spring Fling was packed with more than enough things to occupy the attendees for the full three hours.

As soon as they entered the event, students walked right into the food line. There was an assortment of barbecue food for students to eat. Students could choose burgers, hot dogs, salad and pasta salad.

“Once I heard the Spring Fling was giving out free food, I rushed over,” said student Kristian Juarez.

On one side of the event were informational tables that students could visit. Organizations such as PATCO, Sam’s Club, Planned Parenthood, Rutgers, The Army, The Navy and Future Fitness were there. Each table had activities for students to win giveaways. At the Future Fitness table, students could spin a wheel with a chance to win anything from a T-shirt to a free month at the gym.

A few Camden County College clubs also had tables providing information for students. Among them were the writing and chemistry clubs.

“Chemistry Club has been around at Camden County College for two years. We hold bake sales to raise money to take chemical field trips. We have raised up to $300 in the past,” said member Zachary Weintraut.

The Spring fling had many fun activities for students, such as inflatable obstacle courses, free massages and a TV set up for students to play Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo. Students could get balloon animals made and enjoy water ice.

As students walked around, they heard music provided by a live band and Camden County College’s radio station, WDBK. The radio station also had a table set up for attendees to visit. The radio station also hosted a rap battle for anyone who signed up to compete.

Students who were set to graduate in May could pick up their caps and gowns. Also, the graduating students had the opportunity to be interviewed about their time spent at Camden County College and share their plans. Students who were interviewed had the chance to be featured on Camden County College’s social media sites.

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