By Jessica Price
CCC Journalism Program

The Camden County College Optical Clinic offers second year students a chance to gain early knowledge of their field with hands-on experience with customers.

The program has been running for more than 20 years.A fully functional lab at the college allows the students to cut, size, and shape the lenses.

Chris Haxter graduated the program, received his license as an optician and now works full time at the campus’s clinic.

“The program works out great for students,” he said “The program allows us to see the whole process of from start to finish.”

Cindy Concordia, who is enlisted in the program, has been at the campus since September 2012. This program has helped her build confidence and learns more about her field.

She never realized how much was involved once the customer chooses their frames.

“Being able to work in a lab is such a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this field,” she said.

When speaking with the students in the program they mentioned that one of the problems is that many of the students who attend the college do not know about the program,unless you are going into the field of optometry.

The clinic offers discounted frames and contacts for students, staff and their families. Students like Concordia want more people to know this because it helps students such as her gain more knowledge of the process and gain more real-life experience.

Nancy Don, the director of the program,sees over the process after the lens are  chosen from start to finish. She makes sure that everything meets state requirements and that the program gives students the opportunity to grow and learn in a retail environment. She said many of the students should take advantage of the discounted frames and contacts that school offers.

She said many at the school clinic but many of the students that go there are coming off their parents insurance.

“I wish more students knew about the benefits offered here,” she said.

Information about the optical clinic is located on the school’s website, but many students don’t know that it’s located right on the Blackwood campus.

Since the students cut and shape the lenses for the experience, the glasses cost 50% less then what one would find in major retail stores.

In order to purchase frames, students just need the prescription from their eye care professional. They can

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