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2015 Spring Fling approaches

By Kelsea Woodley
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Spring Fling is approaching. The 2015 version of the annual Camden County College tradition will take place 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 29 in the Wilson Courtyard on the Blackwood campus.

Student Andre Williams holds a Spring Fling flyer. By Kelsea Woodley, CCC Journalism Program

That day, students, teachers and staff members will be able to take a small break from their busy schedules to enjoy a spring day outside with one another at Spring Fling. The Office of Student Life and Activities sponsors the event.

“I have attended the Spring Fling all three years that I have been at Camden County,” said student Andre Williams. “It is like a huge party to celebrate the end of the semester approaching.”

Attendees will be able to enjoy food, relax and listen to music sponsored by Camden County College’s WDBK radio station. They will be able to meet and speak with representatives of the clubs at Camden County College and have the opportunity to sign up if interested.

“Some of my favorites memories from Camden County College have been at the Spring Fling,” Williams said. “I am sad that this will be my last year attending because I graduate in May.”

The 2015 graduates will also be able to pick up their graduation caps and gowns and get answers to their questions about graduation.

“I attended the Spring Fling for the first time two years ago and had a lot of fun,” said student Allison Panetta. “The food was yummy and there were so many activities for students. I really enjoyed myself. I was able to take my mind off of school for a bit and just have fun with friends.”

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