By Laura Wames
CCC Jouralism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Alpha Nu Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa international honors society will induct new members April 9.

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honors society dedicated to encouraging academic achievement among two-year college students and providing opportunities to participate in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programming.

To be eligible for a PTK membership, a student must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5 and be completing 12 or more college credits. Lacey Bigham, vice president of leadership of Alpha Nu Mu, says she worked hard to get where she is today.

“To be in Phi Theta Kappa, it means you are determined, determined to succeed and do well in college as well as determined to work hard in improving the world around you. To be in Phi Theta Kappa, you need at least a 3.5 GPA. That is no easy task, so achieving that shows determination within the classroom,” Bigham said.

Juliana Outen, vice president of public relations of Alpha Nu Mu, was inducted last year.

“Phi Theta Kappa induction is a wonderful event. It gives recognition to students who have worked hard and is an opportunity to celebrate with other students,” Outen said. “During induction, we show pictures from the various events that took place in the previous year.”

The Alpha Nu Mu chapter of PTK involves the Camden County College community in various events.

“In October, we did our C4 initiative that encouraged students to pledge to complete their education here. We also involved the CCC community in our Honors in Action project. We had the art students create all different types of art based on stem cells. It was beautiful to see what they produced and as a result, we made a website where their work can live on forever,” Bigham said.

The rest of the induction includes officers’ speeches and the induction of new officers and members.

Bigham has high hopes for the inductees.

“I hope the next officer team and the new members will be able to maintain our five-star ranking. We worked hard for that this year and it would be great to see them maintain that reputation for our chapter,” she said.

The PTK induction will take place 7 p.m. April 9 at the Dennis Flyer Memorial Theater in Lincoln Hall on the Blackwood campus. For more information, e-mail camdenccptk@gmail.com.

All members receive a pin and a gold Phi Theta Kappa stole that can be worn at graduation. By Laura Wames, CCC Journalism Program

All members receive a pin and a gold Phi Theta Kappa stole that can be worn at graduation.
By Laura Wames, CCC Journalism Program

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