By Rhea Keith
CCC Journalism Program

The Animal Care Club aims to educate and inform pet owners with the information to provide proper care for animals.

Gail DiStefano, the president of the club, holds meetings once a month to have the club members interact and exchange their input. The duties and responsibilities of the club members are to attend meetings, suggest and discuss ideas for fundraisers, and set goals to accomplish for the semester.

“The meetings are as long as they need to be, making sure everyone there has a chance to be heard and answer any question they may have,” DiStefano explained.

The club hosts fundraisers and events on campus to spread awareness of the animals who are being abused, starving, and are in need of human help.

“We donate most, if not all, of our proceeds when we have fundraisers to local organizations to help the homeless and disabled animals,” said DiStefano.

The Animal Care Club has found that attending the Welcome Back BBQ and Spring Fling events has sparked pet owners’ interests to want to further their education or lend a helping hand to the animals in need of help.

Student Caroline Strazzullo learned about the club by seeing a sign around campus advertising a dog training event in April.

The Animal Care Club is not only posting flyers around the campus, it also has its own Facebook page to share club news and future events.

“The best advertisement is, of course, word of mouth, tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend,” DiStefano added.

To join this furry creatures club, submit a membership form to the club advisor’s office, Stacie Cantu.

Once submitted, it will be forwarded to DiStefano. DiStefano said, “The interested club attendee must be a student at CCC.”

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