By Flynn Neary
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Students at Camden County College are divided on how they feel about the school’s academic advisement.

CCC has a base set of guidelines when it comes to advisement. These guidelines range from advising students to “… begin their math sequence as early as possible in their academic career” to suggesting that “If a student is truly undecided, the A.A. or A.S. in Liberal Arts is the safest major to choose.” The guidelines also state how each student is different and these guidelines act as a foundation when it comes to advisement.

Chris Iacono, a CCC student who transferred from Virginia Wesleyan College, explains he feels he hasn’t received what he describes as the “most basic help” when it comes to advisement.

While Iacono was at Virginia Wesleyan College, he explains students receive advisers based on their major and these advisers are also professors at the school. Iacono notes the advisers would help lay out courses for the student not only on what was required for the major but what would also help the students in their fields.

At CCC, Iacono had a different experience. Iacono says the adviser only showed him how to register online and quickly shuffled him along. “After that experience, I won’t be going back if I can avoid it,” said Iacono.

Not all students at CCC have had a similar experience, though. Micky Troppello, a student at CCC, describes a different experience from Iacono’s. “When meeting with my adviser, they help me set up a schedule that not only helps bang out my requirements, but also helps push me towards particular classes. What I mean by that is they’ll recommend taking certain classes at the same time that help me better understand what I’m learning,” said Troppello.

As to how the advising process works at CCC, Monica Reid, coordinator of advising, described it as an “uphill battle.” Reid explains many students come into advisement sessions thinking the advisers are going to just pick out a student’s classes for them and register them right there. That’s not the case, though. “We’re there to make sure that students have a good understanding of the curriculum and to make sure students are on the right track,” explained Reid. “To ensure success, we have to have a real conversation with the students because we want to make sure we are giving the proper advice.”

The academic advisement office on the Blackwood campus is in the community center. By Flynn Neary, CCC Journalism Program

The academic advisement office on the Blackwood campus is in the community center. By Flynn Neary, CCC Journalism Program

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