By Kelsea Woodley
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The renovation of Taft Hall into a one-stop student service center is almost complete and the building is heading for a midyear reopening, a college official said recently.

Taft Hall is slated to become a one-stop student service center. By Kelsea Woodley, CCC Journalism Program

Taft Hall is slated to become a one-stop student service center. By Kelsea Woodley, CCC Journalism Program

Construction to transform Taft Hall in the center of the Blackwood campus into a student service center began in the spring 2014 semester. The building will be the new home for the advisement, registration and financial aid offices. This will be intended to help make the registration process quick and easy for students. The building will also hold nine classrooms.

The registration process for students is currently a two-stop process, because advisers are in the Otto R. Mauke Community Center and the registration and financial aid representatives are in the Wilson Center.

“I used to try to register for classes during my hour break between classes and would only get halfway through the process. By time I waited in line and talked to an adviser I had no time to walk over to Wilson to make my payments and complete my registration,” said second-year student Deanna Dagostino.

Dagostino said the new center will help save time from not having to run back and forth between buildings.

Public safety officer Mary Bohnert said the public safety office will also move out of Wilson and into the space the advisement office will vacate in the community center. Bohnert said this will also be more convenient for students.

Bohnert said no final decision has been made on what will go into the Wilson building once the registration, financial aid and public safety offices move out; however, a list of construction projects at Camden County College filed on the State of New Jersey’s website states the building will be demolished once the offices leave.

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