By Kristin Marley
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – A mini-course this fall at Camden County College examined the history of baseball in America.

The class learns about the history of baseball. By Kristin Marley, CCC Journalism Program.

The class learns about the history of baseball. By Kristin Marley, CCC Journalism Program.

The Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility offered “From Base Ball to Baseball: The History of America’s Pastime” from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Mondays in Madison Hall Room 212. The mini-course touched on many events that happened in the history of baseball. Jason Love, a market specialist who is also involved in business services, taught the course.

At the session on Dec. 1, the class discussed a few topics. One was the racism that existed in the beginning of Major League Baseball. Another was the difference in equipment from the beginning to modern time. The last was a handout titled “Why a Woman Will Pitch in the MLB Someday.”

On the topic of racism in the MLB, Love showed a 10-minute clip of a documentary that included interviews with black baseball players who experienced racism firsthand, interviews with their teammates and coaches, as well as portions of baseball games from many years ago. The class then spoke about their experiences with racism as well as their thoughts on the clip.

Halfway through class, Love displayed baseball equipment he brought. He placed two baseball bats in the front of the room. One was from the 1960s and one was from today. The class got to touch and examine the differences between the two bats.

“I enjoy teaching about baseball and enjoy seeing the people so engaged in what I teach and things I bring in for them to see,” Love said. “I think that the mini-courses are great and I hope the college continues to offer them.”

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