By Alex Paolini
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – In what may have been the best game they played all season, the Camden County College men’s basketball team on Dec. 6 crushed Passaic County College, 93-65.

Entering the game at 5 wins and 4 losses, the Cougars came out quick, physical and most of all smart.

“In the second half of the season we will really see what kind of team we are. This team is 90 percent freshmen with only two sophomore players leading the team. I think playing 10 games now that these kids have picked up the speed of the game and are ready to show their full potential,” said Head Coach Lou Abbattista.

The Cougars had a lot of success moving the ball and keeping the defense on their feet throughout the game. As the first half ended with Camden County leading 42-37, the Cougars knew the second half could be a lot different.

“This year’s team has a lot of potential to be good. This year it is an overall weak conference. With this being said, they cannot take games lightly. All these freshmen have proven they can play at this level and now it is time for them to elevate their game a little more,” said Athletic Director Peter DiLorenzo.

Once the second half began, it was an entirely different basketball game. The Cougars came out even faster then they started and the shooting was off the charts. The second half started on a 12-0 run for the Cougars. At that point in the game, Passaic looked physically and mentally out of the game.

With about two minutes left in regulation, the Cougars began to take the air out of the ball and kill the clock. Passaic had no shot at a comeback and they knew it. The game was with no doubt over and a victory was going to be added to the record for the Cougars.

The 13-man Cougar roster has 11 freshmen and only two sophmores. This youth movement being brought up through Abbattista’s system is catching on. Not many teams are able to match the quickness coming off the bench and most teams do not even come close to the physicality the Cougars bring.

Abbattista has modeled this team in his image so far and he expects a lot more work to get done before he has the team that can take them to an NJCAA championship.

The Camden County College men's basketball team warms up. By Alex Paolini, CCC Journalism Program.

The Camden County College men’s basketball team warms up. By Alex Paolini, CCC Journalism Program.

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