By Brianna Dunlap
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – As of last Friday, a new way of gifting and paying tuition can be utilized at Camden County College just in time for the holidays. Gift certificates can now be purchased for a current or new student to put toward their schooling and to pay for textbooks. Since registration for spring courses has already begun, this provides a timely addition to the Business Office’s payment options.

No personal information is needed to purchase a gift card. The buyer simply purchases a card that is credited with the amount of their choosing. Then the purchaser is free to give the gift to the recipient of their choosing without having to give any personal information of either party. There is also no minimum or maximum amount of money that can be credited per card. Approaching the completion of the fall semester leading into the spring, the recipient of a Camden County College gift certificate can utilize the funds immediately to lighten the costs and fees of their upcoming courses. If the funds are not used in their entirety, they can be refunded by check or reimbursed otherwise depending on each case.

The Blackwood campus is not the only site where the certificates will be honored. If a student wishes to use the funds on either the Camden or Cherry Hill campus, the Business Office said it will be of assistance. Still, the only place to make a purchase is in Blackwood at the Wilson Center during its normal business hours.

The idea of being able to give gift certificates for tuition is one that officials at Camden County College decided to revisit. These gift certificates were also available in the early 2000s. Ed Reynolds, who works in finance at the Business Office, explained what brought about the return of this idea.

“They did this back in 2007, 2008, so I guess they revisited this idea to help anyone, son, daughter, friend or cousin, to help fund their education,” he said. “I think it’s a great opportunity to give the gift of education.”

He added if all goes well, the Camden County College gift certificate will be a continued option even beyond the holiday season.

A page on the Camden County College website promotes the gift certificates.

A page on the Camden County College website promotes the gift certificates.

One thought on “CCC sells gift certificates for tuition

  1. This is such a great opportunity for families to play a part in promoting higher education for students. During the holidays, many families aren’t sure what to give as a gift when there are so many options today. Students can all appreciate financial assistance for such a crucial aspect of their future that giving the gift of education is a no brainer. Instead of just giving iTunes or movie theater gift cards, a gift certificate for college tuition is a unique and special gift that can make a huge impact in a student’s life. This is a fantastic opportunity that I hope continues in the future for all students and their families.

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