By Alessandra Kraatz
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The 11th annual Camden County College Turkey Trot took place at noon Nov. 19 on the Blackwood campus.

The Turkey Trot is a non-competitive fitness event involving a 2-mile loop around the Blackwood campus. Participants wrote down the time they believed they would complete the trot at registration and then were timed to see how close their actual time was to the predicted time.

Dr. Peter DiLorenzo, the college’s athletics director, was in charge of the Turkey Trot. He started the event and has been running in it ever since.

“This is probably the coldest day we’ve had, but at least the sun is shining,” he said. It was a beautiful sunny day in Blackwood; however, it was only 31 degrees with a wind chill factor of 21.

Thirty-two people participated. All were female. Many were students in the Dental Assistant Program at Camden County College and seven were faculty and staff members. DiLorenzo said the Turkey Trot gets much support from the Dental Assistant Program every year. The women laughed and took pictures before, during and after the run despite the cold.

Dental assistant student Christina Colangelo was one of the participants. She said this was her first time participating in the Turkey Trot at Camden County College before but she was excited. She predicted she would finish the 2-mile loop in 45 minutes but actually finished in 40 minutes and 13 seconds.

“I’m happy I finished it. I feel accomplished,” Colangelo said.

Dental assistant student Bethany Archut predicted her time would be 30 minutes. “It’s going to take me much longer though,” she said. To her surprise, Archut finished the Turkey Trot five seconds before her predicted time. This won her second place in the event.

DiLorenzo was happy with the turnout at this year’s Turkey Trot and hopes to witness the same enthusiasm next year. All participant score information is listed on the CCC athletics website at http://www.camdenccathletics.com/2014-turkey-trot, along with more pictures from the event.

Dr. Peter DiLorenzo and participants prepare for the 2014 Turkey Trot. By Alessandra Kraatz, CCC Journalism Program.

Dr. Peter DiLorenzo and participants prepare for the 2014 Turkey Trot. By Alessandra Kraatz, CCC Journalism Program.

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