By Estefanie Bockeler
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Studio 8 at Camden County College is staging the comedy “The Star-Spangled Girl” in the Little Theater in Lincoln Hall.

'The Star-Spangled Girl' is showing in the Little Theater in Lincoln Hall on the Blackwood campus. By Estefanie Bockeler, CCC Journalism Program.

‘The Star-Spangled Girl’ is showing in the Little Theater in Lincoln Hall on the Blackwood campus. By Estefanie Bockeler, CCC Journalism Program.

The play, which was performed last weekend and is being performed this weekend, is a “fast-moving, hilarious comedy about two young men struggling to put out a protest magazine and the all-American girl who moves in next door and manages to send both of them into a romantic tail spin,” according to the production’s flyer. The production stars CCC students Julian Class, Katheryne Koch and Trent Davis-Rozycki.

Class plays Norman, a writer for the protest magazine “Fallout,” who falls head over heels for the new girl next door, Sophie, who is played by Koch. Andy, played by Davis-Rozycki, is the owner of the magazine, who then gets involuntarily involved in the love triangle.

“Come see this show because it’s a literal laugh riot. The play itself is a little dated, but it’s filled with fast-paced jokes that keep you laughing from start to finish,” said Class.

He stated audience members should know “this is a result of three cast members who worked their butts off in two weeks in order to bring such a wordy show as this one to life.”

He added he was lucky to be cast as “the eccentric, perhaps crazy, yet loveable Norman. When I portray Norman, I find a part of myself that wouldn’t have been accepted by a judgmental society like a high school. Being a theatre geek, I can understand the passion that Norman has for his writing, as I have my passion for acting. At the same time, Norman challenges me by developing an ability to walk the line between reality and sitcom, where I can perform Norman’s eccentric physicality and deliver lines on a personal standpoint.”

Daniella Nop, who attended the show last weekend, said, “I really enjoyed the performance, I liked how they utilized the stage to their best advantage. The storyline was also really sweet. I liked how it was a love story but it also took on other aspects, like patriotism and the struggles of owning a business in 1967. I’m glad I went to see this production.”

Studio 8 will conclude its run of “The Star-Spangled Girl” at 8 p.m. Nov. 21 and 22. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for Camden County College students and faculty with valid CCC identification, as well as senior citizens and children.

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