By Briana Robinson
CCC Journalism Program

CAMDEN – A Real Money 101 workshop held last week at Camden County College showed students what it means to be financially literate and how to make better financial choices while they’re in school so they won’t bury themselves in debt down the road.

Sharon Altman conducts Real Money 101. By Briana Robinson, CCC Journalism Program.

Sharon Altman conducts Real Money 101. By Briana Robinson, CCC Journalism Program.

The Nov. 5 workshop on the Camden campus began with HESSA adviser Sharon Altman handing out what she called “financial gadgets,” tools she uses to help her save money. One of the tools she recommends every person uses is the power booster calculator, which helps people add up the daily costs of the things they feel they cannot live without, such as Starbucks coffee, so they can see how much money they are spending.

“We live in a society now that is fast paced, everyone is on the go, so we find it easier if we spend that four or five dollars, maybe 20 dollars a day on coffee from WaWa because we don’t have the time to make it ourselves. What you may not┬árealize is that not taking the time out to make that one or four cups of coffee for yourself could cause you to lose out on thousands of dollars a year to have in your pocket,” stated Altman.

HESSA adviser Sharon Altman suggested students use these “financial gadgets.” By Briana Robinson, CCC Journalism Program.

“You have to understand the difference between a want and a need. Although you may want that new pair of Jordans or the lastest IPhone 6, you have other financial responsibilities that have to be met first before you can go and spend money on miscellanious items,” said CCC Camden campus adviser Ellen Davis.

Budgeting was another big topic at the workshop. “As a student, you should have a budget. It is essential in saving yourself from financial ruin. With a budget plan, then you will know what you can and cannot spend. If you do not budget, then you are setting yourself up for failure,” said Altman.

“Every student needs to budget, espeially when it comes to the spending of student loans. Be careful what you take out and make sure that when you get it, it goes to your school finances and not to the mall,” stated Davis.

Altman and Davis will be host a similar workshop at 2 p.m. Nov. 13 in Room 312 of Madison Hall on the Blackwood campus.

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