By Amanda Miller
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Beginning this month, fanatics of the game of baseball and casual fans alike can take part in a five-week course that follows the history of the game from its roots all the way to modern day.


The mini-course on baseball history will take place in Madison Hall on the Blackwood campus. By Amanda Miller, CCC Journalism Program.

This mini-course is a non-credit class, made for those who are wanting to further their knowledge of the game of baseball and have some fun in the process. This class will be taught by Jason Love, who pitched this idea (pun intended) to Camden County College.

“I am excited because it will be my first class at Camden County College, and I’m hoping to teach more in the future,” Love stated.

Love plans to talk about the origins of the game dating back to the 1840s and intends on focusing on the Philadelphia Phillies, “because it’s the local team,” he said. There will also be discussions on the Chicago Cubs, White Sox, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Athletics. In addition to discussions, Love also will be providing a literal look into the past through some interesting examples; “I plan to use vintage baseballs and a bat to show people how the equipment has changed.”

Love explained that the game of baseball has always been important to him and that he has been doing research for this class for a couple months. “The game is important to me and my dad, my son and generations before,” Love stated.

This class will be a discussion on the culture of baseball and society itself. Some of the subjects of the class are how the 1919 World Series was thrown for gambling purposes, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and how steroids changed the game in the 1990s. Students will also learn the history of Jackie Robinson, the first black Major League Baseball player and how he changed the game.

“From Base Ball to Baseball: History of America’s Pastime” will take place from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on five consecutive Mondays beginning Nov. 10 in Room 210 of Madison Hall on the Blackwood campus of Camden County College. For registration information, go to http://camdencc.edu/civiccenter/index.cfm.

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