By Briana Robinson
CCC Journalism Program

CAMDEN – The Camden City campus of Camden County College and the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority will host a financial literacy workshop titled Real Money 101 in November.

Real Money 101 will provide information about financial literacy. By Briana Robinson, CCC Journalism Program.

Real Money 101 will provide information about financial literacy. By Briana Robinson, CCC Journalism Program.

“Students need to understand the meaning of what it is to be financially literate and I believe that educational aspect of it should start now while you guys are in college because right here will be the stepping stone for the rest of your lives,” stated Megan Westmore, a representative of the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, better known as HESSA.

HESSA and Camden City Campus Academic Adviser Ellen Davis will present Real Money 101 at 1 p.m. Nov. 5 and 13 in Room 216 of the Camden Technology Center on the Camden campus.

“This workshop is made to help students undertsand how their state grants work, when and if they should take out student loans and how the repayment plan on those loans actually works,” Davis said. “Really we’re talking about finances in a broad spectrum from budgeting to establishing and maintaining your credit and how to be responsible when using credit cards.”

Westmore said some students have misconceptions about finances.

“Unless you are financially able to pay for college out of your own money, which only a very select few are able to do, you have to depend on some other source to cover the cost for you, which a majority of the time is going to be the state,” Westmore stated. “Many students see the state paying for their cost of tuition and granting them loans on top of all of the money they are already getting and they think that this is absolutely free and that they won’t have to pay a cent back because it is from the state. That is absolutely false and with that mentality that many students have it is only going to dig themselves deeper into a financial hole that they may never recover from.”

Davis noted, “As a college student you have to understand the difference between a need and a want and here at our workshop we can help students differentiate just that.”

Students attending the workshop should bring a notepad and pen or pencil to take notes. Students with questions about the workshop should contact the academic advisement office on the Camden City campus at 856-968-1332.

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