By Carolyn Carpino
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Marlin Art Gallery on the Blackwood campus of Camden County College will hold its 47th annual Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition from Nov. 12 to Dec. 10.

"Ovum," in graphite medium, was made by Fine Arts Professor Greg Brellochs.

“Ovum,” in graphite medium, was made by Fine Arts Professor Greg Brellochs.

Art Gallery Director Kassandra Huerta said faculty members will be showing work in various media. “Kay Klotzbach, who specializes in painting, will be posting three mixed media pieces. Professor Greg Brellochs normally uses a medium with graphite, pencil and charcoal drawings. His pieces can be 8 feet by 6 feet. Professor Brellochs is really an amazing artist, a gem.”

Huerta said some of the artwork that will be displayed will feature acrylic, oil and encaustic painting, which is a painting made of wax. “We also have a multimedia piece which is a video, created by Joanna Platt.”

“I always look forward to the artwork and growth of our faculty and staff. It’s really interesting,” Huerta said. “This is my first time back at Camden County College in four years and it’s nice to see the artwork from the new faculty as well.”

Brellochs, who teaches fine arts, said he believes the faculty exhibition benefits students. “One of my favorite aspects of having the faculty show our work is that students have the opportunity to see and talk about our work. It gives them insight into art making on an advanced, more experienced level.”

Photography Professor Frederick Herr said this will be his 16th year displaying his work in the exhibition. “I have things from two different projects I have been working on. One is a construction, stuff I’ve done about maps, where I combine digitally manipulated images that are mapping Ebola. The second project is using very outdated Polaroid film. I get very unpredictable images, and I know I am going to get some kind of patterns, but I’m not sure what they’ll look like until I shoot them and develop them. As the pictures age, the patterns change.”

Herr said he likes to look at the works being exhibited. “It’s always good to see what the other faculty are doing. Sometimes we get hung up on teaching, so it’s interesting to see what everyone else is working on.”

The gallery will be open from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday with additional hours upon request. An artists’ reception will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. Nov. 12 with free refreshments.

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