By Kevin Boyle
CCC Journalism Program

CHERRY HILL – Have you ever wanted to learn more about the human and natural aspects of the history and geography of the world? If so, the new mini-course Expedition Earth at Camden County College may be for you.

Expedition Earth will be offered from 9:30 a.m. to noon Saturdays from Nov. 15 to Dec. 20, except Nov. 29, in Room 106B at the Rohrer Center at CCC’s Cherry Hill campus.

This is the first time that instructor Judy Okun will teach the course at CCC but she said, “I have taught several others that were similar over the past five years.” She noted, “I want to give people a greater appreciation and understanding of some of the interesting processes that are going on on the planet.”

The theme of week one (Nov. 15) is On The Move. That week, the class will study human migration from the Ice Age to the modern-day migration patterns.

Week two (Nov. 22) is called a Myriad of Faiths. That session will focus on how religion affected different places such as India, Africa and Western Europe.

Week three (Dec. 6) the theme is The Staple of Life. The class that week will find out about how agricultural practices affected economies, cultures and populations throughout the world.

The theme of week four (Dec. 13) is the Power of Industry. The study for that week will focus on how the Industrial Revolution shaped the world today and how it developed in the United States.

The theme of week five (Dec. 20) is Energy and Natural Resources. During this class, students will find out how to conserve energy, resources and water.

“I think the class is a lot of fun and hopefully others feel the same way,” Okun said. “There are a lot of slides and pictures and also lots of discussion. I don’t usually like to just lecture; instead, I try to bring other people and experiences into what we do, so there’s a lot of back and forth and a lot of discussion, dialogue. It usually makes it pretty interesting.”

The fee to attend the mini-course is $25. To register, go to http://camdencc.edu/civiccenter/Mini-Courses.cfm.

Expedition Earth will take place at the Rohrer Center in Cherry Hill. By Kevin Boyle, CCC Journalism Program.

Expedition Earth will take place at the Rohrer Center in Cherry Hill. By Kevin Boyle, CCC Journalism Program.

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