By Alessandra Kraatz
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The 10th annual Turkey Trot at Camden County College will take place Nov. 19 on the Blackwood campus.

Peter DiLorenzo prepares for the CCC Turkey Trot. By Alessandra Kraatz, CCC Journalism Program.

Peter DiLorenzo prepares for the CCC Turkey Trot. By Alessandra Kraatz, CCC Journalism Program.

CCC’s Director of Athletics Peter DiLorenzo has been organizing this event for the last 10 years. He started a Turkey Trot at a college in Georgia as a healthy activity outside of the classroom walls. DiLorenzo said all types of people have participated over the years, including students, staff and faculty. Even a CCC vice president has made an appearance.

DiLorenzo estimated 30 to 40 participants will join the race this year.

The key difference between CCC’s Turkey Trot and the typical Turkey Trot is first place at CCC is not determined by who crosses the finish line first. Participants will fill out a form on the day of the event with an estimate of the time in which they think they will finish the race. The race will be timed and the participant with the smallest difference between their actual time and their estimate will win. The price for first place will be an 18- to 22-pound turkey.

“There is a prize for everyone,” DiLorenzo noted, saying even those who do not place will receive a reward such as a T-shirt, car decal or flag. DiLorenzo and his team are responsible for not only organizing the Turkey Trot every year but also providing the prizes for the participants.

He said the CCC Turkey Trot is not about the competition. Two of the main goals of the event are to have a good time and to see people become active.

“People are always surprised by their times,” DiLorenzo said.

He explained he wants to encourage people to get healthy. There will be no pressure to run, so participants will be welcome to jog or walk the track and to enjoy the fall foliage while being outside. The 2-mile route around Camden County College is a scenic one.

“We have had good weather most years and we are hoping for the same this year,” DiLorenzo said.

The Camden County College Turkey Trot will start at noon in front of the Papiano Gym. Participation will be free and this event will be open to everyone involved with CCC. Registration will begin at 11 a.m.

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