By Lacey Wallen
CCC Journalism Program

CHERRY HILL – If you like a class with no grades and not that many students, the five-week mini-course Shakespeare’s Ghost might be for you.

The mini-course, which will be taught by Robert Lorenzi, will begin Nov. 11 and continue every Tuesday through Dec. 16, except Dec. 9, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. in the Rohrer Center, Executive Conference Room 110, in Cherry Hill.

Lorenzi has been with Camden County College since 1969 and is now officially retired. Since his retirement, he has taught mini-courses and the occasional three-credit course, World Literature I.

According to http://camdencc.edu/civiccenter/Mini-Courses.cfm, Shakespeare’s Ghost will focus on the beliefs in ghosts and witchcraft were common in Shakespeare’s time.

This is the second time Lorenzi will conduct this mini-course and, based on his students’ evaluations, he believes it was very successful the first time. Attendance runs about 15 students in the mini-courses.

“There are no tests in the mini-course. There are no grades. The students attend apparently because they are interested in literature,” Lorenzi said. “I tell the students what works are to be covered so that they can find the readings on their own if they choose to read the works before attending. There are no required books.”

Mini-courses, which are offered through the Camden County College Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility, cost $25 each or you may become a member of the center for $50 and take unlimited courses Sept. 1 to Aug. 31.

In Shakespeare’s Ghost, each week will focus on a different play by William Shakespeare.

Professor Robert Lorenzi will teach Shakespeare's Ghost. Photo courtesy of www.burlingtoncountytimes.com.

Professor Robert Lorenzi will teach Shakespeare’s Ghost. Photo courtesy of http://www.burlingtoncountytimes.com.

Week one: The beliefs in ghosts and witches were commonplace.

Week two: The night before the Battle of Bosworth, King Richard is visited by the ghosts of his murdered victims.

Week three: The ghost of the assassinated Julius Caesar appears to Brutus before battle.

Week four: The most famous ghost in all of Shakespeare, King Hamlet, returns from the dead to tell of his murder. He asks his son Prince Hamlet to avenge the murder.

Week five: Witches appear to Macbeth to inform him that someday he will be king.

Lorenzi has been published on websites such as montclair.edu and burlingtoncountytimes.net. Lorenzi wrote a book of short stories named “To End All Weeping” that is available at the CCC bookstore and Barnes & Noble.

Anyone can register for the mini-courses at http://camdencc.edu/civiccenter/Mini-Courses.cfm.

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