By Alessandra Kraatz
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College continues to expand health food options.

CCC is keeping up with society’s demands for health foods, said Rich Levine, the general manager of Camden County College Dining Services. The options being offered to students are getting healthier.

The Connecter Cafe now serves Starbucks coffee and coffee drinks such as lattes and hot chocolate. “The Starbucks brand has really attracted students to come to the Connecter Café,” a cafe employee said this month. The Connecter Cafe also offers baked goods and healthy selections.

In the last semester, a larger gluten-free section was added to appeal to people with celiac disease and other people who follow a gluten-free diet. Levine said all gluten-free items sold at CCC are packaged and sent to the campus from outside sources. Gluten-free food is not prepared at CCC because it has no designated kitchen area to prepare gluten-free cuisine, but the staff at the Cougar Cafe is able to cook gluten-free pasta upon request.

Also recently, CCC added more vegetarian and vegan options. It added portobello mushrooms, vegetarian tacos to “taco Tuesdays,” vegetarian paninis in the Science Cafe, and vegan salads to the salad station.

The college is open to requests students may have of different choices to offer. “We are trying to keep everyone happy,” Levine stated.

With the healthy items joining the traditional ones, students’ purchases are evenly divided, dining service employees said. About half the students choose items such as salad or hummus while the other half choose items such as pizza or chicken fingers, an employee said.

“At the end of the day, the kids are in charge of the choices,” Levine stated.

Students eat lunch at the Cougar Cafe on the Blackwood campus. By Alessandra Kraatz, CCC Journalism Program.

Students eat lunch at the Cougar Cafe on the Blackwood campus. By Alessandra Kraatz, CCC Journalism Program.

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