By Brittany Cook
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – After Camden County College failed to find a bidder for its radio station license, students returned at the start of this semester to a WDBK-FM 91.5 similar to the one they left at the end of last semester.

DJ Hippie, a first-semester disc jockey at WDBK, conducts her afternoon radio show. By Brittany Cook, CCC Journalism Program.

DJ Hippie, a first-semester disc jockey at WDBK, conducts her afternoon radio show. By Brittany Cook, CCC Journalism Program.

CCC had sought to sell the license to the radio station, which broadcasts from studios on the Blackwood campus, in an auction. The station also streams online. The auction for the Federal Communications Commission license, which was posted on GovDeals.com with a requested starting bid of $150,000, ended Aug. 21 with no bids.

Whether the signal would have been of value to anyone else is unknown, but CCC students who work at the station consider it a helpful tool for gaining experience in the broadcasting field. Several students said they were upset that the station could have been sold and that they were not made aware of the possibility.

“I feel left in the dark,” said Ryan Myers, a former disc jockey at WDBK. “I’m mad that they didn’t tell anyone, like they were trying to hide something.”

He said working at the radio station helped him move toward his career goals.

“It helped me learn how radio and broadcasting worked,” Myers explained. “I learned how to load and play music, and how to be on air.”

Added Jack Tierney, another former WDBK member, “I was pretty upset about the whole thing.”

Despite the students’ dissatisfaction about the process, station manager Chris Passanante expressed optimism about WDBK’s future.

“WDBK should not be underestimated,” Passanante said. “The station can be much more than college students playing college music. We are now conducting interviews with local and college officials. The interviews are geared toward college students, informing them about civics, academics, career paths, life challenges, financing and more. WDBK is also now actively engaged in local event promotion and we are planning several on-campus events, including a Halloween costume party, a winter/holiday bash and a spring fling concert.”

To find out more about the station, check out the online stream at www.camdencc.edu.

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