By Estefanie Bockeler
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – At about 10:45 a.m. Oct. 8, a student reported suspicious activity in the Blackwood campus parking lot to the Camden County College Public Safety Department. Gloucester Township police later arrested three people, one a CCC student, who had allegedly attempted to break into a parked vehicle.

To prevent themselves and their vehicles from being the targets of a similar incident in the parking lot, students can take simple precautions, said Assistant Director of Public Safety John Schuck.

“Our main focus is if you see something, say something,” Schuck stated, urging students to keep valuables out of sight and parked vehicles locked with windows up at all times. Students should notify public safety immediately if they find themselves in a risky situation or witness fishy behavior.

Schuck said there will not be any noticeable changes in the Public Safety Department’s procedures as a result of the recent attempted break-in.

“There will not be changes to our patrol regarding the recent activity in the parking lots. We have patrol on foot, bicycle, mobile, golf carts and fixed posts,” he said. Patrol officers also walk the campus randomly on a daily basis, he added.

CCC student Kaylynn Schwab said the recent incident disturbed her.

“It makes me uncomfortable as a student that even on campus we are not safe. Where already everywhere else is unsafe, I thought at least a school campus would be (safe),” Schwab said.

She stated she had a close encounter with car burglars. “My boyfriend had his car broken into last year,” she said, noting that since that day, she has locked her car and does not bring electronics with her to school.

CCC student Victor Minnone said he takes precautions to try to avoid becoming the target of criminals. “I feel like these things happen frequently and that’s why I keep my windows closed,” Minnone said, also suggesting more public safety patrols of the grounds and surveillance cameras.

Cars are parked in the main parking lot of the Blackwood campus of Camden County College recently. By Estefanie Bockeler, CCC Journalism Program.

Cars are parked in the main parking lot of the Blackwood campus of Camden County College recently.

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