By Kevin Boyle
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The partnership between Camden County College and Rutgers University-Camden announced Sept. 29 will grant conditional acceptance to Rutgers-Camden to every student who will enroll at Camden County College provided they maintain a 2.0 grade point average and meet program requirements. But what about CCC students who have a major not offered at Rutgers-Camden?

Adam Brown is academic program manager for Rutgers-Camden. By Kevin Boyle, CCC Journalism Program.

Adam Brown is academic program manager for Rutgers-Camden. By Kevin Boyle, CCC Journalism Program.

“We have a lot of articulation agreements with a lot of colleges, so in this case we have a global articulation agreement meaning they’ll accept you,” said Margaret Hamilton, vice president for academic affairs at CCC. “Now, if the major you want is not there, then maybe that’s not the place you want to go.”

An articulation agreement between a two-year college and a four-year institution is intended to allow students in particular majors to complete their first two years of study at the community college then transfer smoothly to the four-year institution for their last two years of study for a bachelor’s degree.

While the new partnership pertains only to CCC students seeking to transfer into arts, sciences and business programs offered at Rutgers-Camden, an academic program manager from Rutgers-Camden is working on the CCC Blackwood campus to inform students about the programs offered at all three Rutgers campuses – Camden, New Brunswick and Newark.

“I’m here to advise students on any pathway to Rutgers, not just Rutgers-Camden, though that is what the agreement entails,” said Adam Brown, the academic program manager, citing communications and engineering as two majors not offered at Rutgers-Camden but offered elsewhere at Rutgers. “Just because the agreement doesn’t include Rutgers-New Brunswick doesn’t mean we can’t talk about how to apply or how to transfer.”

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