By Alana Brown
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Work to convert Taft Hall into a one-stop student services center remains on time and should be completed by next May, a representative of the company renovating the building said this month.

Construction “is running on time, no delays or anything like that,” said John Erenstbock, a worker with Bucks Construction. The project includes moving Camden County College’s advisement, registration and financial aid offices into Taft Hall from their locations on other parts of the campus. It also includes adding nine classrooms to the building.

Construction should be completed in time for fall 2015 registration, Erenstbock noted. The work begin in March.

Now, students who attend the CCC Blackwood campus must make multiple trips around the campus to register for classes. To speak to a counselor, students must first go to the advisement office in the Otto R. Mauke Community Center. After they consult with a counselor and select their classes, they must go to the registration office in Wilson Hall to register for and finalize their choices for classes. After that, they must travel to the financial aid office in Wilson Hall to apply for financial aid.

Terrence Jenkins, a second-year student at CCC, said he was excited that the renovation of Taft Hall will result in being able to accomplish all those tasks in one building. “It’s a good idea. To have everything together in one building is really convenient,” Jenkins said.

He said he believed this will eliminate issues similar to the one he experienced last fall. “I went to advisement to pick classes, but I didn’t know how the process went because I was used to picking my classes at the Camden campus,” where advisement, registration and financial aid are in one building, he said. “When I was done picking my classes at advisement, the lady helping told me I was done. Turns out, at the last minute, I was never really done. So all those classes I picked, I never really registered for, so hopefully they make it just as convenient as the Camden campus.”

Terrence Jenkins walks past Taft Hall construction. By Alana Brown, CCC Journalism Program

Terrence Jenkins walks past Taft Hall construction. By Alana Brown, CCC Journalism Program.

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