By Taryn Lawlis
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – After all the money spent on tuition and books, some students say they feel it’s unfair they must pay extra fees, such as to print out papers in the library.

Lydia Perez, Camden County College student, uses the campus library's printer. By Taryn Lawlis, CCC Journalism Program.

Lydia Perez, Camden County College student, uses the campus library’s printer. By Taryn Lawlis, CCC Journalism Program.

Camden County College full-time students pay approximately $3,240 in tuition per year. Books and supplies average about $1,600 yearly. Making copies costs the students an additional 10 cents per copy in black ink and 25 cents for a color copy. Students must either have exact change or use their pre-paid library card.

Lydia Perez, 20, full-time student, says she dislikes paying extra costs such as for printing.

“I don’t like the 10 cents per page,” she said Oct. 15. “I think it’s ridiculous to pay per print considering the amount of money paid towards tuition, books and supplies. I pay out of pocket for my entire tuition.”

Perez added, “I use campus printers if needed and I don’t prefer using them. I prefer using my local library because the print per page is cheaper. And I think it is stupid that they charge a fee just to get a printing card. If I had just enough money for the pages I needed and then they charged for a card, I’d be screwed.”

Courtney Vesper, 19, full-time student, says paying to print doesn’t affect her significantly.

“Printing in the library is convenient if you failed to remember that you needed to print something or are unable to elsewhere. I feel it is beneficial for the library because it pays for the paper and the ink being used,” she says.

However, she says she feels it’s inconvenient to need exact change.

“Most people have debit cards, not cash and change. It’s not a big deal that people need to pay to have something printed because at home they would need to supply their own machine, ink and paper. But the fact that payment forms aren’t accessible for everyone makes it inconvenient,” she said.

Camden County College President Raymond Yannuzzi explains why students must pay to print.

“Printing used to be free,” he said, “but there were students who used to copy hundreds of papers at a time.”

Yannuzzi noted, “We don’t make a profit off of the machines. We even put codes on the staff’s machines to monitor and limit their printing.”

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