BLACKWOOD. On Wednesday September 24th the annual Back to School Barbecue took place at Camden County College. Every year the barbecue provides an excellent environment for students to join clubs, receive giveaways, and interact with fellow students, and this year was no different. Students crowded around the various club tables, which ranged from prospective schools, like Rutgers University, to engineering society and dental hygiene club.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was in charge of making sure that every student at the barbecue was registered to vote. Denise Dancy, a former member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, said that their goal was to “get as many students registered for the November election as possible.”

One of the newer clubs that Camden County College has to offer is the Chemistry Club. Because the club is so new, they are feverishly looking for new members to join in the fun. Members Charlotte Navrot and Liza Dorfman suppose that, “it’s hard to get people [to join] at a community college,” because not many people stay for long periods of time, and everyone is always on the move.

The Camden County Animal Shelter provided some entertainment in the form of two pitbulls named Pickles and Fajita. These two sweet dogs are available for adoption at the shelter. The Animal Care Club of Camden also had a table at the barbecue. Their goal is to raise awareness for animal care.

Altogether the Back to School Barbecue seemed to be a success, as it is a great opportunity for clubs and other companies to add members, as well as an excellent place for students to join different communities and buff up their resume.

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