By Don Atkinson

CCC Journalism Program

Professor Brent A. Satterly will heighten awareness of issues concerning the LGBT community at an upcoming lecture.

The Widener University professor was originally scheduled to make an hour and a half lecture at Camden County College’s Blackwood campus on May 1. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Satterly’s visit has been postponed until the summer of this year. The date and time of his appearance are still to be determined.

This lecture is going to be used to inform students and staff about the daily hardships of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) youth. The workshop description tells how vulnerable LGBT youth are. It states they encounter psychosocial challenges such as isolation, stigma, familial and societal rejection. These are all of the topics which will be covered in the lecture. The flyer also states LGBT youth are commonly susceptible to physical, emotional and sexual violence. “In a culture where difference often breeds discrimination, suicide is sometimes seen as a viable option for these youth groups,” the flyer states.

When asked about her thoughts concerning LGBT suicide, CCC student Brittany Cook stated, “I think that it’s horrible for anyone of any sexual orientation to feel as though they have to resort to something as bad as suicide. Everyone is worth something.”

The goals of the workshop are to explore the societal levels of response to LGBT youth and to inform students, human service professionals and educators of their responsibility to advocate on behalf of the LGBT population.

Satterly is described as a well-published individual and a member in good standing in the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists. Satterly is a member of the Widener University Council for Sexuality Studies and specializes in the strength based perspectives in clinical care with sexual minorities, survivors of sexual trauma and families or people with HIV or AIDS.

Many students and staff are anticipating Satterly’s arrival at CCC. Some students in the CCC community have said they are willing to put time aside in their summer schedules to attend the lecture, stating they would love to be informed of LGBT issues and possibly save lives. “Bottling up feelings won’t get you anywhere. More help needs to be provided for people with these feelings of torture and uncertainty. It’s a shame that anyone would take their life over anything.,” stated CCC student Danielle Amesbury.

A flyer promotes the upcoming event. By Don Atkinson, CCC Journalism Program

A flyer promotes the upcoming event. By Don Atkinson, CCC Journalism Program

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