By Matt Gant

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College was making a new advertisement for its athletic department April 29.

The advertisement is about the Camden County College sports facilities. It is to support the growing number of athletic teams at Camden County College. This year Camden County College added a tennis team to the list of sports played at the college.

Bill Bartley, a member of the college’s athletic department, said the videographer has shot and will want to shoot several scenes for the commercial.

“He wants to have a recording of the baseball team practicing and even caught a few other sports in the act. Today he is here to get shots of some of the indoor facilities at Camden County College,”said Bartley.

At 2 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, Camden County College conducts intramural coed volleyball played by teams of six. The videographer shot scenes for the advertisement on the indoor sports played at Camden County College. He was able to gather multiple shots of three-on-three women’s basketball and some of the coed volleyball games.

As a coed volleyball game ended, Danielle Amesbury, a player on one of the volleyball teams, said she enjoyed playing the intramural sport.

“It’s OK! I like the people I have on my teams and the people I met and all, and it’s definitely a fun time,” Amesbury said. “Only reason why I might not do it again is because the amount of school work that I have taking the classes I do. Sometimes I think it would be fun to have another team but I do like it the way it is.”

With the advertisement for the athletic program, Camden County College hopes to extend the sports department to encourage more students to come and play at Camden County College.

“When you see college kids having fun with other people that they meet for the first time and working as a team bonding for the little time that they spend together can make a difference in that person’s day and their time at school,” said Amesbury.

Some recording for the advertisement was done in the Camden County College gymnasium. By Matt Gant, CCC Journalism Program

Some recording for the advertisement was done in the Camden County College gymnasium. By Matt Gant, CCC Journalism Program

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