By Noreen Peebles

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Lunch and Learn held on April 23 in Connector Building Room 101 was an opportunity for students to meet and chat with Program Director Adam Brown and discuss Rutgers University’s partnership with Camden County College. Students enjoyed sandwiches and pizza at the event while they asked Brown questions about Rutgers’ presence on Camden County College’s Blackwood campus.

A partnership connects Rutgers University in Camden with Camden County College in Blackwood. By Noreen Peebles, CCC Journalism Program

A partnership connects Rutgers University in Camden with Camden County College in Blackwood. By Noreen Peebles, CCC Journalism Program

Brown said students with an associate’s degree could apply and go through “the normal Rutgers admission process. Apply and wait for your decision.” After a decision is made, Brown said the classes at Blackwood are just like being at Rutgers. “Rutgers courses would be the same professors and courses,” Brown said. Students at Blackwood would benefit because “It would be a small class size, because the program is just getting started.”

Students can choose from three areas of study – psychology, business administration and liberal studies. “Students with an A.A. or A.S. degree are eligible to apply for any of them. But students with an applied sciences associate’s are only eligible to apply to the liberal studies major,” Brown said.

Students who complete all of their course work in the Rutgers at Camden County College program will receive their bachelor’s degree from Rutgers. Brown said students will “earn their Rutgers bachelor’s from Rutgers professors, your Rutgers degree, just from an off-campus location.” Students don’t have to take all of their classes at the Blackwood campus, Brown said. “Students could take a class or two, if they wanted to, at the Rutgers Camden campus. But they could complete all of their degree requirements here.”

Brown noted, “Classes are in the evening” and students could go “part time or full time.”

Interested students can apply now with courses starting in the fall at the Blackwood campus. Although not as many students as expected visited the Lunch and Learn event, those who attended found it informative and there was plenty of lunch to go around. Students who would like additional information on the Rutgers program at the Blackwood campus or would like to apply can visit the advisement center at Camden County College or contact Adam Brown at adam.a.brown@camden.rutgers.edu.

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