By Jacqueline Jackson

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – With the cold weather still holding on for dear life, it seemed as if Mother Nature would ruin the Spring Fling at Camden County College on April 30. However, the event still went on by moving everything into the Connector Building.

Students gather around at different tables, socializing with one another, at Spring Fling. By Jacqueline Jackson, CCC Journalism Program

Students gather around at different tables, socializing with one another, at Spring Fling. By Jacqueline Jackson, CCC Journalism Program

All of the tables were lined up on the first and second floor waiting for the students’ arrival. Whether you were looking to join a club or grabbing your cap and gown, there was possibly a table that fulfilled your need.

The college aimed to set up Spring Fling just as if it were outside as originally planned. The music was blasting; students were socializing, bringing an overall positive atmosphere.

The music for Spring Fling was provided by Camden County College’s radio station, WDBK, and a live band that both were there all three hours, giving everyone something to jam out to.

WDBK Radio Personality Robin Hester said, “Actually it’s good, I’m surprised. Being inside, I thought it was going to be a little different. It turned out very well.”

Students were lined up for all different activities, which included a photo booth and a balloon twisting. The room was filled with balloon animals and the smell of hot fresh popcorn. Other tables included information about the Army, transfer services and potential clubs students can join. Another long line came from the graduation table.  Students were excitedly lined up waiting to receive their well-deserved cap and gown.

Jade Lucas, who was distributing the caps and gowns for the 2014 graduates, explained, “Even though it was raining we got a lot of people to get their cap and gown.”

One word that everyone can appreciate is: free.  Every year during Spring Fling a decorative shirt is given out to students for free. This year the shirts matched the theme of flowers and a bright color.

Students were not the only ones who came out to enjoy themselves; you could also see teachers and staff walking around with a plate. The usual Sodexo workers who are in the café lined up outside of the café to assist in building their plates with either a hamburger or hot dog.

Student Siani Israel stated, “I’m having fun surprisingly. They did a good job with bringing everything inside and this was definitely needed.”

With finals approaching, the Spring Fling allowed students to relax and forget about school for three hours.

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