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Coach Jerome (personal trainer)

Jerome Grace is a personal trainer at Club Metro in Marlton, NJ. He has been a trainer there since 2012, which is when the gym first opened. Unlike any other trainer I’ve met, he spends every day from morning till night at the gym training his clients, teaching a class or working out himself. He shows so much passion and dedication in the field of fitness.

Jerome goes above and beyond for his clients to try and help them reach their goals. From meal plans, weekly weigh-in’s to personal training sessions that take place inside the gym and outside. He establishes a connection with his clients that show them that he really cares about their health and well being not just their money. Jerome holds one on one or group training sessions that are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes long, along with teaching boot camp and crossfit classes. He provides his clients with hardcore, extensive workouts while showing them the proper form and technique to better improve their routines.

When he’s not training clients you can still find him in the gym working out. As he does for his clients, he sets personal goals for himself that he would like to achieve. He also spends time putting together new meal plans and workouts for his current and future clients. As the head of the personal training department, Jerome will brainstorm different ideas that can help better the personal training program at Club Metro and keep it successful. He spends the rest of his free time making sure his other trainers are doing what their supposed to be doing and keeping their clients happy. Jerome receives such positive feedback and outstanding testimonials from clients who he’s helped change their lives to becoming healthier, stronger and more confident. That is what keeps him going and that’s why he loves what he does. To him personal training is more then just a job, but this is his life.


With every exercise Jerome provides his clients with proper instructions to refrain from the risk of injury.

With every exercise Jerome provides his clients with proper instructions in order to prevent injury.



Although he may always seem serious, Jerome likes to joke around and laugh with his clients to keep them motivated.


He gets very involved in his sessions and focuses all his attention on his clients.

Jerome giving all his attention and focus on his clients during a training session.


Jerome showing his clienting the proper form and technique during a workout to help them achieve their results.


1 on 1 Session

Jerome keeping his client focused during a 1 on 1 training session.


Jerome's night time crossfit class

Jerome (lower middle) with his night time crossfit class.



During his free time you can still find Jerome in the gym working out and achieving his own goals.

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