On a warm spring afternoon, Saturday April 26th, I found myself strolling around Cooper River to get some exercise, and while I was walking around I saw many different things and people buzzing around the park. This was a pleasant sight to see because for the last 6 months every time I went past Cooper River it looked so dull and deserted during the cold harsh winter, and at times it was almost completely frozen over. I frequently run around Cooper River from spring time to fall, usually not during the winter months. To see it hopping again with people and events, it makes me excited for springs much awaited arrival and it gives me the “schools almost over” summertime is close vibe. Besides people biking, running, walking, and playing, there were large crowds of people that were watching and participating in the college crew/rowing meet that was going on. It was fun to walk to the edge of Cooper River and snap pictures of all the crew/rowers racing. The first photo I took was when I first arrived at the park. The man looked very relaxed and I was positioned well enough where I would not bother him. I chose to photograph him because reading outside is something I love to do as well as many others like to do in the spring and summer in nice weather. The second photograph was easy to snap because there were races going on all day which I enjoyed watching alot of the races were very close. As I wandered further around th edge I noticed how many family/friends of the crew/rowers racing came to support the them which is shown in the third photo. There were also picnics and families hanging around for leisure which is how I snapped the two boys who looked like brothers that were playing. The fifth and final photo was taken as I was leaving. There were so many people excercising and soaking in the sunshine. I was trying not to get in their way. I quickly snapped a picture of a man enjoying a bike ride.


This man was enjoying the wonderful spring time weather and was relaxing with a good book.


Cooper River was the perfect place to hold a crew/rowing meet for college teams with the abundance of sunshine that day. This race to the finish was a very close one.


Family members of the crew/rowers that were racing in the first picture were seen scattered around the edges shouting and cheering them on.


Enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the park. These two young boys were seen here laughing and playing while hanging on to a statue.


This man like many others who were seen exercising around Cooper River Park, took advantage of the beautiful sunshine by bike riding around.

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