By William Lusky

CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College student Greg Slaton has a musical background, is working toward becoming a paralegal and operates a community program teaching workout and exercise, Freebody Fitness.

Greg Slaton (center) instructs a group in his Freebody Fitness program. By William Lusky, CCC Journalism Program

Greg Slaton (center) instructs a group in his Freebody Fitness program. By William Lusky, CCC Journalism Program

Slaton is a junior at Camden County College with a dual major in paralegal studies and liberal arts. Slaton’s direction into law results from a background as a musician. At Cherry Hill High School East, he played in every band, including the jazz band, marching band and wind ensemble. Before going to CCC, Slaton attended William Patterson University for a music degree through playing drums and music production.

“While I was there, I took a class in intellectual property and I learned that there was a practical and somewhat lucrative connection between music and law. I love learning about law and I love music, so it was the perfect fit for me,” he said.

Inspired by leaders in fitness, Slaton started a fitness group in spring 2013. Slaton’s Freebody Fitness workout sessions are a weight- and equipment-free, group-oriented community outreach program and an alternative to the gym. The sessions encompass biometrics, calisthenics, plyometrics, interval and resistance training, as well as push ups, pull ups, squats and lunges. The exercises range from novice to advanced. Slaton focuses on safety yet conjures motivation.

“Everything is free,” Slaton stated about his fitness program.

Slaton said his experience of going to CCC after realigning his career goals has been “really good. I enjoy lots of professors … the cafeteria has a nice selection of food.” He also participated in intramural volleyball at the college after playing it throughout high school.

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