By Zach Meyers

CCC Journalism Program

In addition to working full time at Camden County College, Professor Peter Woodworth has written books, participates in LARPing and keeps a photo of a disgraced president in his office.

Peter Woodworth works as a professor at Camden County College. By Zach Meyers, CCC Journalism Progtram

Peter Woodworth works as a professor at Camden County College. By Zach Meyers, CCC Journalism Progtram

Woodworth has been teaching at Camden County College for about six years and has taught in other places. “Full-time teaching definitely isn’t for everyone, and you find that out very quickly. There are a lot of meetings and bureaucracy you have to deal with,” Woodworth says. “Like everyone else, I have those days where I don’t really feel like waking up in the morning, but when I’m here it’s great.”

His syllabus for Creative Writing is extensive and covers topics like attendance and how critiquing should be given – Be Specific, Constructive, and Positive – and how it should be taken – Be Receptive, Polite, and Sanguine. The syllabus also asks for maturity and serious effort.

Aside from teaching, Woodworth has written several books, including a trilogy, works found in several anthologies, and several table-top RPG (role playing games) and LARP (live action role play) books. He also participates in table-top RPG games and LARPing. He showcases his work on his website, www.peterwoodworth.com.

Woodworth has several conversation starters in his office, one of them being a photo of former President Richard Nixon. Woodworth says his grandmother had been a huge Nixon supporter and felt betrayed after he became president because he broke promises. Woodworth’s grandmother sent Nixon a letter and received a standard letter and the photo in return. When his grandmother died, Woodworth took the framed photo.

Woodworth’s secretary, Arline Barker, says he is kind to students and coworkers. “Students come in to see him and leave laughing most times,” Barker says. “He’s great to work with, always real nice to students and his coworkers, definitely a nice guy, definitely.”

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  1. Woodworth is definitely one of my favorite professors at Camden County. I knew he was cool, but I have an even bigger respect for him now! Can’t wait to check out his books. So awesome.

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