By Andre L. Williams

CCC Journalism Program

Representatives of Rider, Drexel and St Joseph’s universities will be in Madison Hall between April 8 and 15 to offer students a chance to look at the opportunities offered by these universities.

The visits from Rider, Drexel and St. Joseph’s will take place on the first floor of Madison Hall. By Andre L. Williams, CCC Journalism Program

The visits from Rider, Drexel and St. Joseph’s will take place on the first floor of Madison Hall. By Andre L. Williams, CCC Journalism Program

“Camden County College sends its invitations in the summer for schools that would like to visit for the fall and spring semester,” says Linda Drexel, who is responsible for scheduling visits at CCC. Drexel usually schedules the visits on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The colleges are scheduled so they have a chance to visit the Camden campus, Cherry Hill campus and Blackwood campus.

Rider is one of three schools scheduled to visit that week and may be the most popular choice of the three because of its in-state opportunities. CCC student Siani Israel also sees Rider as a popular choice. “The Rider visit interests me more than St. Joe’s and Drexel because it’s in state and out-of-state tuition seems to be getting higher and higher every year,” says Israel.

Out-of-state tuition is an important matter to students today and is the reason many students decide to stay close to home. Matt Metzger, a counselor at Rider University, believes scheduling visits to community colleges and high schools in New Jersey is very important. “Not only does it give students access to school close to home, but it allows us to work with the counselors of high schools and community colleges,” says Metzger.

These visits are very important, believes Drexel. “These visits give students the opportunity to see if they’re on track for courses, find out what schools are offering, talk about scholarship opportunities and decision days.”

As a community college in New Jersey, CCC is a part of the New Jersey transfer agreement. This allows students at community colleges in the state to get their associate’s degree and then to transfer to a school of their choice as a junior.

CCC also has articulation agreements with some schools.

CCC has program-to-program agreements that include certain majors. Students in those majors at CCC can transfer and continue with that major at a school in the articulation agreement.

Another form of articulation agreement the school offers is associate’s degree to bachelor’s degree completion agreements. Under these agreements, students who receive their associate’s degree at CCC can transfer to another school and graduate with that school’s bachelor’s degree.

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