By Jacqueline Jackson

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – On April 30 the Camden County College Blackwood campus will throw its annual Spring Fling just in time to wrap up the 2013-14 school year. The highly anticipated event will allow students, faculty and staff members to enjoy a few hours outside with a live band, activities and free food.

Flyers are posted around the campus to promote Spring Fling 2014. By Jacqueline Jackson, CCC Journalism Program

Flyers are posted around the campus to promote Spring Fling 2014. By Jacqueline Jackson, CCC Journalism Program

Assistant Dean for Student Development and Support Jacqueline Tenuto explains, “Spring Fling is one of the largest student activity events we hold. Usually we feed over 1,000 people so there’s definitely like 1,200 or 1,300 students, faculty and staff that come. Sometimes they go in the line twice but it’s definitely a big campus-wide event.”

At the Spring Fling students will be able to socialize with one another while listening to some tunes sponsored by Camden County College’s WDBK Radio. Students can also look forward to finding out information about clubs and vendors around the campus. Booths will be set up to provide information and club members who can further explain and allow students to sign up. While this event is held not only on the Blackwood campus but also the Camden campus, some students have not had to opportunity to attend.

Second-year student Terrence Jenkins says, “I have never been to Spring Fling. I may go this year and I am looking forward to seeing what the event will hold and how much fun it will be.”

Students can expect two different inflatable activities, which will include an obstacle course and basketball. Balloon artists, a norm for Spring Fling, will also be there this year. Students can also expect to get a free Spring Fling T-shirt. Every year it has a new design and students can grab one while they are at the event. Also, caps and gowns will be distributed to future graduates.

Ronald Jackson, also a second-year student, says, “I attended last year’s Spring Fling and it was a cool time. It was great to be outside for those few hours with my friends, not worrying about classwork, just having a good time.”

Says Tenuto, “Hopefully it will be bigger and better and a bright sunny day.”

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