By Noreen Peebles

CCC Journalism Program

Graduation time is near for many Camden County College students. Come May, many will be getting their associate’s degree and perhaps moving on to their careers or transferring to another college. Whichever the case, they must first go through the graduation process and if they like, get their photos taken as well.

A paper shows the graduation photo schedule at Camden County College. By Noreen Peebles, CCC Journalism Program

A paper shows the graduation photo schedule at Camden County College. By Noreen Peebles, CCC Journalism Program

First, students must fill out a graduation packet that is found in the advisement office. After the packet is filled out, they can go over to advisement to get help with the rest and then drop the packet off at the dean’s office.

The “graduation packet is completely filled out by your adviser, making it easy,” says student Nakiyah Floyd.

Starting May 2, students can get their photos taken on the Blackwood campus. The photos will start April 23 on the Camden campus. While photos are a great moment, Jacqueline Tenuto, assistant dean for student development and support, says “photos are optional, they are not mandatory. Not everybody takes part of them.”

Photos are taken by an appointment process and students are encouraged to call 856-845-8066 if they would like to book their photo appointment. There are three photo packages. The first, with one pose, two 5×7 and eight wallet sizes, costs $39. The second, with one 8×10, two 5×7, eight wallet sizes and two poses, costs $59. The third, with two 8×10, three 5×7, 16 wallet sizes and three poses, costs $79.

While photos are a great memento, some Camden County College students say they’re expensive. Floyd says she is not getting her photos taken “because I think they’re overpriced.” However, student Vivian Verdejo Rodriguez, who says the photos are overpriced “very little,” states she will get her photos taken.

After photos are taken and graduation packets are filled out and sent to the dean, students must pick up their caps and gowns. They can do this at Spring Fling on April 30 on the Blackwood campus. Students can go up to a table, “present their ID and if they are on the graduation list, they can get their cap and gown,” says Tenuto.

After all the requirements are met, the students are ready for graduation. Many are excited for the big day. Floyd says she was very excited when she was accepted to Rutgers University. She says that made “all my doubts and insecurities go away.”

Graduation will take place May 17 on the Blackwood campus.

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