By Evan Brown

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Christine Bass’ choir class will perform its spring concert on May 6 at Camden County College for all students and the public to view.

Every semester, the Camden County College choir class performs a seasonal concert based on the music selected by its director, Bass. Bass plans the music selection well before the semester starts so she has time to purchase and receive the music for her students.

When picking the music, Bass says she first picks songs she loves. She then tries to pick two challenging songs that are out of the students’ comfort level, two that are right on their level, and then pick novel pieces, comical pieces or pieces that are just plain fun. Bass’ concerts have a wide range of songs from classical to contemporary.

Bass’ goal has always been helping her students grow musically and she is always excited to see where she can take the students from where they start at the beginning of the semester. Bass said, “I want my students to come out of the semester not only being better singers but having an increased passion and enjoyment for music.”

According to christinecbass.com, Bass has been a teacher for almost three decades and during that time she has won several awards including the Master Music Teacher Award and the Governor’s Award in Arts Education. Bass’ talents in the field of music have been apparent to not only her peers but to her students as well. Jeanine Motta, a former student and auditor for the class this semester, described Bass as incredible and super talented. Motta said, “Miss Bass teaches her students confidence and she critiques you without being harsh or judgmental. You want to perform and work harder for her because of how much she cares about you.”

Bass’ hopes for the audience are just as high as her hopes for her students. She wants the audience to take a musical journey with her and her class and to experience something that is new to them while also tapping into what is familiar. Bass hopes the audience will get the same enjoyment and passion from the songs that the students do.

Bass and her choir class will perform “Sounds of Spring” at 7:30 p.m. on May 6 in the Dennis Flyer Theater on the Blackwood campus. Admission is free to all students and the public.

The choir will perform its concert “Sounds of Spring” in the Dennis Flyer Theatre. By Evan Brown, CCC Journalism Program

The choir will perform its concert “Sounds of Spring” in the Dennis Flyer Theatre. By Evan Brown, CCC Journalism Program

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