By Angel Malone

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The open house on April 5 at Camden County College’s Blackwood campus is designed to aid students with new student-led trolley tours, financial aid form workshops and a job fair.

Students sit in the atrium where the open house will be held on April 5. By Angel Malone, CCC Journalism Program

Students sit in the atrium where the open house will be held on April 5. By Angel Malone, CCC Journalism Program

This year’s open house, which will take place from 8:30 to 11 a.m., will be loaded with features to assist prospective students. A trolley will take students and their family and friends on a tour around campus. This tour will begin every 15 minutes at the corner of Madison Hall and take visitors on a ride to the Gabriel E. Danch CIM Center to tour the facilities, Kevin G. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education to experience the new science labs, and the last stop will be at Truman Hall to see the automotive facilities. During the duration of the trolley ride a student will be on board to answer any questions.

If the open house has interested a prospective student, there will be many workshops to begin their journey at Camden County College. A FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) workshop will be available at Madison Hall room 215. Walk-ins will be welcomed. There visitors can fill out their FAFSA with any assistance needed readily available.

Information welcome sessions will be held every 15 minutes in the Forum. There will be nearly 100 programs and services available at tables to offer any information on the programs or clubs. Rosemary Schamp, dean of communications and enrollment development, adds, “Not only can you talk to the faculty running the program, but you can talk to the student taking the program.” This will be intended to help those who are unsure or curious of a certain major or even a club. This will be held in the atrium, where one can find most programs, whether they are looking for the chemistry table or the dance table.

For the first time, the job fair will be held on the same day as the open house. Many local and regional companies will be at the college looking for perspective employees. This will be located in the cafeteria on the west end.

After one has received all the information they need, they can feel free to walk around the campus and experience life as the current students do. Volleyball games will be going on by the athletic department and a live student band will be playing.

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