By Matt Gant

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Rumors have it a ghost roams the corridors of Camden County College’s Jefferson Hall, making strange noises and appearances.

Patrick Ryan has a class in the supposedly haunted hall. Ryan, 20, has been a student at Camden County College for almost four semesters and is transferring to Rowan University to get a degree in accounting. He knows about the ghost in Jefferson Hall.

Stairs wind inside Jefferson Hall, which a ghost may haunt. By Matt Gant, CCC Journalism Program

Stairs wind inside Jefferson Hall, which a ghost may haunt. By Matt Gant, CCC Journalism Program

“I have never seen the ghost before here, but I have heard some unexplainable noises,” Ryan said. “I just chalked those noises up as someone from another floor. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a ghost here. The stairwells in the building feel eerie at night and they don’t go with the rest of the building.”

Eric Settles did not know about the rumors but he wanted to know more as he sat in a corridor in Jefferson Hall this week. Settles, 21, is a liberal arts major getting his bachelor’s degree at Camden County College.

“I never would have thought of this building being haunted,” Settles said. “If it is being haunted, the school should have it tested. It would be cool it could be our other mascot.”

Many websites have reports that contain statements something unusual is going on in Jefferson Hall.

“This structure used to be a monastery before becoming a learning institution. It is said that a residing monk hanged himself on the third floor of this building. Security guards of the college have reported hearing footsteps thumping down the hall of the third floor. They often avoid interior patrol,” reported www.theshadowlands.net/places/newjersey.htm

In the 1960s the Mother of the Savior Seminary owned Wilson Hall, Roosevelt Hall and Jefferson Hall on what is now the Camden County College campus. Men trained to be priests, monks and rabbis at the seminary. Pictures and documents showing the history of Jefferson Hall are on the first floor of the building.

The three buildings still stand today, part of Camden County College and filled with mysteries.

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  1. Hi my name is Shawn and I worked for a cleaning company that has a contact with Camden County College and I was assigned to clean the Jefferson and the administration building for 9 long months and I know first hand what goes on inside them buildings at night.i worked in them buildings every night by myself and I have some stories to tell !!!i just didn’t think that anyone would believe me.

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