By Andre L. Williams

CCC Journalism Program

CAMDEN – Rutgers-Camden was the top choice for Camden County College students to transfer to in 2013.

Students walk to class in the morning at Rutgers University in Camden. By Andre L. Williams, CCC Journalism Program

Students walk to class in the morning at Rutgers University in Camden. By Andre L. Williams, CCC Journalism Program

Rutgers-Camden, Temple University, Drexel University, Richard Stockton College and Rowan University were the top five schools CCC students transferred to. College records listed 1,029 students who transferred to these colleges. Rutgers led the way with 343 students who were accepted and 265 who enrolled.

Lydia Santiago, a junior at Rutgers-Camden, transferred after receiving her associate’s degree from CCC and is in school for business. Santiago admits Rutgers wasn’t her first option, it was Drexel, but chose Rutgers because, “I couldn’t afford to go to Drexel. Rutgers was a much more reasonable price then what Drexel was offering.”

For many students, the difference between the less expensive in-state and more expensive out-of-state tuition plays a huge role in what schools the students can choose from. Many students’ options are limited because they don’t have enough money to transfer to out-of-state schools.

“Rutgers University presents a very close-to-home option,” says Bessie Williams, an adviser at CCC. Many of the students she advises transfer to Rutgers. Williams is an adviser under the Equal Opportunity Fund, which helps minority students and students whose families don’t make enough money to get grant money so the students can attend college.

Williams says she believes CCC students transfer to Rutgers because “they’re in state so they are able to receive in-state money and if they are an EOF student they receive EOF money as well.” Williams says she also believes Rutgers is a good option because of the number of programs and amount of Rutgers gives to its students.

This was also one of the major reasons Santiago decided to go to Rutgers. “They have a great business program and Rutgers also helps their students get jobs and internships,” says Santiago, adding. ”There’s so many activities you can join in to get yourself involved. They always have different events during the free period.”

Williams and Santiago also say they feel CCC does a good job preparing its students to transfer to schools like Rutgers.

“We create articulation agreements with the students in mind, so as long as the student is following their program guide and meeting with an adviser, they certainly are ready to transfer,” says Williams.

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