By Rachel Foster

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Snow has been the cause of five cancelled school days, one delayed opening and one early dismissal at Camden County College this semester, which adds up to almost 3,000 classes affected. With each snow-related school closing, this semester proves to be more difficult for students than previous ones.

Professor Frederick Herr looks over students’ finished prints. By Rachel Foster, CCC Journalism Program

Professor Frederick Herr looks over students’ finished prints. By Rachel Foster, CCC Journalism Program

Professor Frederick Herr’s photography class has had to make some adjustments because of the numerous school closings. “We’ve had classes cancelled which means … I have to jockey my schedule, move things around … so it makes it a little more difficult,” he said.

Herr provides his students with a syllabus in the beginning of the semester, which gives not only a course description but also a weekly schedule for the class. Although the syllabus does note, “this schedule is tentative and may change with the needs of the class,” Herr never thought snow would be the cause of so many changes.

Photography students have mixed opinions about the snow. Cherry Rice-Banks, a student in Herr’s class, wasn’t very happy with the snow. “I would love to sleep in, but (the snow) did kind of throw the schedule off, the assignments and stuff like that,” Rice-Banks said. Classmate Spencer Taylor found solace in the days off, finishing assignments for photography and completing homework for other classes.

Taking photographs outside of the classroom has become a challenge. Students have been wracked with cold weather while taking their photographs and that is if they can go outside at all. Taylor said he has stayed indoors if he had to get a roll of film finished, because getting the proper exposure outside has been difficult.

Herr knows what the students have been going through. “When it’s cold and snowing, it’s hard to go out and photograph. Also photographing in the snow is more difficult,” he said.

Not only are students having problems taking photos outside of the classroom, but some students cannot even get into the lab to develop their rolls. Taylor noted there have been days when he was not able to make it to class due to snow. Herr said he is normally a “stickler for due dates,” but he is being very considerate to the students’ needs, pushing assignments back when he sees fit.

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