By Angel Malone

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College’s cafeteria offers healthy and affordable food options despite what students believe.

Students Nick Hall and Colleen Devine enjoy a cafeteria lunch. By Angel Malone, CCC Journalism Program

Students Nick Hall and Colleen Devine enjoy a cafeteria lunch. By Angel Malone, CCC Journalism Program

Many students believe the options provided by Sodexo are greasy and overpriced, but in reality the options are cheaper and healthier than local competitors such as Wawa and McDonalds. The menu options on campus have not been explored enough by students, research shows.

“I’m trying to eat healthier, so when I come here and the pizza is like $2.25 and the salad is like $5, I’m going to go for the pizza,” student Essence Money says this week. Student Elena Cruz adds, “The salad is like $6.”

In response to these students’ complaints, Camden County College’s food court general manager Rich Levine says, “There is a lot out there. It’s by choice … The classic student meal, let’s face it, is a burger and fries and a soda. My numbers tell me that’s what they want.”

Students think to be healthy, they have to spend more, but this is not quite the case. Veggie wraps in the deli cost $3.49, and students looking for a quick healthy bite can buy an assortment of healthy chips, granola bars and dried fruits in the Connector Building café.

A variety of healthy and vegetarian or vegan selections is also available. The cafeteria has a stir fry station, fresh veggie sandwiches and even gluten-free options.

Levine’s reports show students complain but aren’t taking advantage of all the options provided, and when attempts are made to create healthier choices for students, backlash occurs. “I wanted to take out the Red Bull … but I’ll get shot here,” Levine says.

By buying more healthy food, more will be available, says Levine.

One thought on “Patrons miss out on variety of cafeteria food

  1. Very good information. So there is an affordable healthy choice to make. Let’s start using them and maybe more variety will come about.

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