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Sarah’s Life-Photo Essay

A girl haunted by a past of misery and grief.

The Fault in Her Stars.

It all started new years of 2008, the day where Sarah Conner’s life changed forever. Due to an unknown source, there was a house fire which erupted that day, taking everything from her and her entire family. Due to this event, a plethora of medical issues crept their way in as a result of being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder; an issue that still has a slight hold over her to this day. Her family was also affected by the fire. Tension rose when her family resided with her father’s sister, not only because of her different appearance, but lies were spread and Sarah was excommunicated from her own church. All of these rash behaviors from simple, immature catty behavior from a temporary member of the family.

Despite all of this irrational treatment Sarah has stepped up and forgave her aunt for the harsh treatment. “Life’s funny,” Sarah has told me. “Moving on is only thing you can do.” I was truly inspired by her story and I made an amazing friend in the process.

A girl haunted by a past of misery and grief.


The aftermath of fire damage to her house, which is a constant reminder of what happened new years of 2008.

Prescription candy

A multitude of Sarah prescriptions for her bodily issues; such as, celiacs, acid reflex, and IBS. A lot of issues arose after the fire because of the post traumatic stress disorder.

Isn’t blood thicker than wine?

The front of Sarah’s local church where she was cast out of because of her appearance.

It goes on…

Writing down this Robert Frost quote, Sarah shows us she is going to be okay and is able to move on from her past.

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