This past weekend we took the long drive to my grandmother’s for thanksgiving and sleepover, so to speak. After a few hours of waiting for the dinner to be ready I decided to poke around the basement to see if I could find anything cool. That’s when inspiration struck; I pulled my phone out and took some pictures of the more interesting items. Or at the very least the things my grandmother could remember the stories behind. Some were new but at least one was familiar to me.


Zach Meyers- This changeable fan is very strange in that it has the Last Supper printed on it. She wasn’t really sure where it had come from, but it’d apparently been around for a good long while. I can’t remember right but I’m pretty sure there was some writing on the back.


According to my grand-mom, my dad left this at her house at some point and never bothered to ask for it during any visits. Apparently he had completely forgotten about it. I find that hard to believe as the Monterrey Int’l Pop festival was a huge deal. After finding it I put the cds on and enjoyed the music as I continued rifling through the cluttered basement. I’m not really into that kind of music as much as I used to be, but it was still nice to listen to. Grandmom finally got dad to take it home, too.


This was my late grandfather’s telescope. As you can see it’s not in the best condition. Even handled with care the second leg snapped off; plastic back in the day was pretty brittle as it turns out. He was really interested in the stars and the night sky and was usually looking through it. I tried using it and it didn’t really work, so I wonder if the lenses had gone bad as well, or it was just dusty on the inside.


I was confused by this small little tv at first. The screen is laughably small and it only got maybe six channels if the antenna felt like picking anything up. I remember this old tv very vaguely, but I’m pretty sure even when I was a kid the tech for tv wasn’t that bad. I asked her why she kept it around and she simply said “Well, why not?”. I was surprised to find that it still worked; it at least turned on.


This clock was a gift from my uncle to my grandmother many years ago, and it’s age shows in the yellowed plastic. It was an old clock radio and clearly a rather small model. She said that it didn’t last very long because she had accidentally knocked it over while cleaning one day, so clearly even way back things were not as durable as they should be. It worked fine except the alarm wouldn’t go off.

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