By Alicia Colletti
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College’s Blackwood campus has many types of security to keep students and faculty safe, according to Campus Security. Safety at Camden County College has been questioned because of the ease in which people can enter the buildings on campus. There are no swipe cards, no automatic locks, no identification checks, but does that mean the buildings are unsafe?

Student Nick Caputi enters Madison Hall. By Alicia Colletti, CCC Journalism Program

Student Nick Caputi enters Madison Hall. By Alicia Colletti, CCC Journalism Program

Security guards are present among the students, security cameras hang from buildings and are pointed at the entryways, call boxes can be seen in courtyards. Many light posts are placed around campus for the students and faculty who participate in night classes and activities.

“I feel that security monitors all buildings efficiently but I do feel as though there could be more call boxes. I only recall seeing one around campus,” says student Amanda Longo.

Student Samantha Damiano agrees, “I feel safe on campus. I see public safety officers often and I never witness any disruptive or suspicious situations on campus. I think they could do more ID card and security checks though.”

Along with the 49 security guards employed at Camden County College Blackwood, the students and faculty are all given identification cards. According to the 2013-2014 Faculty Handbook, “all faculty and staff members are required to possess a valid Camden County College identification card while on any campus or branch location.”

Along with the identification cards, all cars that are parked in Camden County College parking lots are required to have a sticker identifying them as student or faculty vehicles. Cars without the decals will be ticketed.

Camden County College Blackwood also has a silent witness tip-line that is checked daily in case students see anything suspicious. The tip-line is available 24/7 and confidential.

“I think the tip-line is a really good idea, actually. It gives students the opportunity to come forward without having to directly put themselves in the middle of an issue. I think if more students knew about this, they might use it more,” Longo states.

“I feel safe at Camden County College Blackwood. I have never thought of it as an unsafe place,” Damiano concludes.

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