By Robin Hester
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Spring Fling 2013 was a day of food, fun, activities and music for the students at Camden County College.

The annual event, which took place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 24 on the Blackwood campus, was filled with three hours of entertainment, club and organization tables, free food and activities, including the famous Moon Bounce.

Among the clubs and organizations was the Engineering Club, a group for students who are interested in engineering and science. The club’s goals are “to create programs to try and help the college and help students learn more about engineering in general,” said Ryan Bentz, an engineering science major and club member.

Sabrina Wallace, a psychology major and president of the Gay Straight Alliance Club, was also at the event. “This club is about homosexuals and heterosexuals coming together, feeling good about themselves and with one another,” said Wallace.

The Christian Connections group displayed necklaces. David Bearry, campus chaplain and member of the Camden County College Sales Group, represented the organization. ”Our main objective is to share the Good News which is the gospel of Christ, also to encourage the students and each other as well with the love of Jesus,” said Bearry.

CCC’s Athletic Department shared information about its intramural program. William Bartley, assistant athletic director at CCC, signed up students for the fall semester of 2013 and spring semester of 2014. “We offer three programs which any student can register for. In the fall we offer football. In the spring we offer basketball and volleyball,” said Bartley. ”For 2014 we have over 100 students who signed up for inter-collegiate athletics and between 75 and 100 students who signed up for intramural athletics.”

Along with enjoying the nice weather, soon-to-be graduates picked up their caps and gowns at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore table. Andrew Coverdale, a CCC student and Barnes and Noble Bookstore employee, was one of the representatives at the table. ”There are a lot of students graduating this year,” said Coverdale. The class ring company cancelled its visit to the event.

Overall, the students enjoyed themselves while interacting with fellow students, but some said next year they would like a selection of more recent music. Among them was Christoff Davis, a junior at CCC, who said, ”It’s a lovely campus event for students, but I would like it if the music could be more updated.”

Others, such as Sydarra Coats, a liberal arts major and soon-to-be graduate, said the music, which included live and recorded songs, was enjoyable. “The variety of song selections were great and the two guys are very talented,” Coats said. “It was an awesome day.”

Jade Harris (from left), Andrew Coverdale and Jessica Fox distribute caps and gowns to soon-to-be graduates at Spring Fling. By Robin Hester, CCC Journalism Program

Jade Harris (from left), Andrew Coverdale and Jessica Fox distribute caps and gowns to soon-to-be graduates at Spring Fling. By Robin Hester, CCC Journalism Program

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