By Chris O’Grady
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The 45th Annual Visual Arts Student Exhibition is up until May 10 at the Marlin Art Gallery and is displaying 51 pieces of work submitted by art students of Camden County College.

Submissions were judged by Philip Carroll and Karen Chigounis of the Perkins Center for the Arts. Artists who participated are CCC art students, and each piece was done during the 2012-2013 school year. Students were allowed a maximum of two submissions. Works range from paintings and drawings, to ceramics and photography. Various pieces have received awards, including limestone sculpture “Evolution II” by Nick Kacic, which received Best in Show honors.

Sammy Cheafsky, a second-year art student, recently visited the art gallery to see the works of her friends and classmates, as well as enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at art. “You get a different perspective on things. It inspires you as an artist when you see other art,” Cheafsky said. One piece that Cheafsky was looking forward to seeing was “The Kiln is a Critic.” Cheafsky said the piece was originally supposed to be a bust of the artist, Paul Fiorelli; however, an accident in the kiln caused the sculpture to shatter to pieces, though it has led to an interesting piece of work that can be seen on display in the gallery.

The exhibit is open to the public, and visitors have the opportunity to purchase and take home pieces they like. Prices range from $60 to $395 and are marked by each piece of art. Those marked “POR” are available; however, their prices are available on request from the artist. Marlin Art Gallery Director Therese Marlin said four pieces have been sold so far, and those pieces have a red dot on their name cards. Visitors are also encouraged to sign the gallery’s guest book. Many of those who have visited the exhibition have left not only their names, but comments that include, “Dope Work” and “It’s amazing. It’s like walking into another world.”

Film students also had the opportunity to have their work show at the exhibit. Though their films were not judged, they are available for viewing in the lobby of the Dennis Flyer Theater.

The Marlin Art Gallery is in Lincoln Hall, next to the Dennis Flyer Theater. Hours of operation are 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday and upon request.

Best in Show-awarded “Evolution II” by Nick Kacic sits center to the other works on display in the Marlin Art Gallery.  By Chris O’Grady, CCC Journalism Program

Best in Show-awarded “Evolution II” by Nick Kacic sits center to the other works on display in the Marlin Art Gallery. By Chris O’Grady, CCC Journalism Program

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