By Chris O’Grady
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College men’s soccer player Daniel Feiser was awarded Second Team All-Conference and Second Team All-Region last season. The 19-year-old, first-year student received the second most votes among rival coaches in the conference and in the region.

Feiser has been playing soccer for 13 years. He was recruited out of high school by CCC men’s head soccer coach Giuseppe Lamberti. Despite being a Gloucester County resident, Feiser chose to come to CCC because it had a better soccer program than other local schools. The 6-foot-3-inch student plays center defensive back for the Cougars, which was a move from the center midfield he played at Williamstown High School.

Feiser said the transition from high school soccer to playing at a collegiate level was difficult. “I had to meet all new teammates and coaches. I also had to get used to the higher skill level of college soccer.”

Feiser’s coaches, though, believe he transitioned well from playing in high school to playing at a college level. Lamberti said Feiser’s determination and work ethic have become contagious among his teammates. “His efforts make the rest of the team perform better both at practice and on game day. Dan’s leadership is what stands out to me the most. He is someone the rest of the team listens to and respects. He is my voice on the field and helps keep things together. His hard work on and off the field has helped him emerge as a captain figure. He is well respected by his teammates and always strives for the best from himself and his team.”

Feiser’s hard work also shows in the classroom, as he holds a 4.0 grade point average at CCC while concentrating his studies on being an education major. He is carrying five classes and plans to take two more classes this summer. He also plans to continue his studies at a four-year school and continue to play soccer after his time at CCC. He would like to finish his studies as an education major and teach at a high school and coach soccer.

Feiser is appreciative of the awards he received last season but is already looking toward next season. “I am looking forward to playing Ocean County Community College. They beat us twice last year, one which was playoffs, and both times we had the lead. We should have won both games and I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from losing to them.”

Defenseman Daniel Feiser of the men’s soccer team looks over his assignments before going to class. By Chris O’Grady, CCC Journalism Program

Defenseman Daniel Feiser of the men’s soccer team looks over his assignments before going to class. By Chris O’Grady, CCC Journalism Program

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